Educated in Moscow as an architect and fine artist, Sasha Vosk also studied theater and variety arts before emigrating to New York City in 1981. Greatly enjoying his newly-acquired freedom of professional choice, he successfully pursued several career paths, ranging from being a sought-after illustrator and a muralist to an award-winning filmmaker and entertainment producer. Who could’ve imagined back in Soviet Moscow that life in New York would offer so many opportunities to be realized! Vosk started his professional life in New York as a busy photorealistic commercial artist. His work regularly appeared in a number of leading publications including The New York Times. Due to his experience as a stand-up comedian both in Russia and New York, he sold his comedy project to HBO and Billy Crystal and, as a result, became one of the producers of the Emmy-award winning film “Billy Crystal, a Midnight Train to Moscow.” Until 2015, Vosk also produced and artistically directed successful tours of the famous Moscow Circus across North America and Southeast Asia. A devoted New Yorker, he is a member of the New-York Historical Society. He is presently focused on his book 400 YEARS OF NEW YORK HISTORY: A PICTORIAL GUIDE. His professional experience as an architect, realistic illustrator, and producer/director, as well as his enthusiasm for New York history, gave him a strong creative arsenal to reconstruct what is a largely unknown visual past of the world’s capital city, and the people that made it their home.

Over the past four centuries, much of New York’s remarkable past has been buried deep in its core foundation. Since he is fascinated by New York City’s history, Sasha had been looking for ways to reconstruct its lost visual past for over a decade. To bring Sasha’s vision to reality he is assisted by some of the best CGA artists from around the world.
For Vosk this book is a way to express his gratitude to his favorite city for taking him in after he left Russia to seek a better life.

The First Volume
“New York as New Amsterdam in the 1600s”
is coming up.


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