The comments above are emblematic of the enthusiastic feedback Sasha Vosk received when he presented plans for his upcoming book, 400 Years of New York History: A Pictorial Guide, to select New York City city social studies teachers and principals.
The school professionals who met with the author immediately recognized that they were in the presence of a missing tool that will make 400 years of New York history vivid and captivating for their students because it will speak to them in the language today’s children understand the best — the language of high-definition images that surround them everywhere.
For example, when teachers explain what the lives of early settlers in New Amsterdam in 17th century were like, they currently have less than half a dozen primitive original images to illuminate the topic. As a result, teachers have to rely on words alone to make their points. The same visual drought is present even when discussing New York in the pre-Revolutionary period of 18th century. While more prolific, paintings, engravings and early photographs available from the late 19th and early 20th centuries simply cannot compare to the impact of today’s crisp images.
That’s where 400 Years of New York History: A Pictorial Guide comes in. This one-of-a-kind book provides historically accurate, terrifically detailed and colorful photorealistic illustrations that make history come alive for today’s learners who are partial to less text and more descriptive visual impact.

Here’s what other educators are saying about the book:

“As a NYC principal, I believe a resource of this nature will benefit NYC student grades 5-8 especially in e-book format.”

Maria Musullo – principal, MS 577

“Excellent images — so vivid — made you feel as if you were there. Perfect for – 4th and 5th grade. Can’t wait to purchase!”

Kristen Poverano – SS teacher, PS 31

“Life-like, easy to relate places. Visually stimulating! What kids need!”

Maria Puma – SS teacher, PS 31

“It is always so exciting to meet someone who has such a passion for history and much more exciting when they possess the ability to excite others. I will be sharing the link (to the book) with my teacher community.”

Rodriguez – SS teacher, Northside Charter High School

Sasha Vosk reimagines New York City throughout its history in vivid, vibrant images that encapsulate the magic of New York prior to skyscrapers. This is a great tool to promote New York City history as well as provide clear visuals for young people to access and reflect on in academic settings. Breathtaking views that remind us how New York City came about.

Danielle Bero Principal of Northside Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY

“Very impressed especially with the aspect of a 17th century “Google Maps”

Andrew Molinari – SS teacher, MS 577

“Beautiful historical depictions in a modern timeline format.”

Sheri Sankner – SS teacher, PS 31

“The textures of the images are a treat for the eyes. Overall the presentation makes a strong case for the accessibility of the subject.”

Maximilian de Martino – SS teacher, MS 577