See New York As You Never Have Before!

Realistic Imagery Expert and author, Sasha Vosk, will offer your audience a visual feast of New York’s 400 year history

Time travel is possible, and author and photo realistic imagery expert, Sasha Vosk proves it. His new book uses comprehensive research and unique imagery visualization to bring the past 400 years of New York City’s history to life. Sasha Vosk has 30 years of experience in photo-realistic imagery, and creatively brings New York to life through four centuries of transformation. Vosk was educated as an architect, studied fine arts and also apprenticed as a muralist in Moscow, Russia before immigrating to the United States and living in his dream city — New York.

Vosk will wow your audience as they visually time travel through 400 years of New York’s fascinating history.

The first book of the series VOSK TIME TRAVEL GUIDE, 400 YEARS OF NEW YORK HISTORY: A PICTORIAL GUIDE, will soon be available nationwide. The first volume is called NEW YORK as NEW AMSTERDAM – 1600s.


  • Historical New York- Flip Through 400 Years of the Most Vivid and Captivating History in half an hour and never notice time pass
  • Discover NY’s culture, diversity, architecture, religions and attitudes through the ages
  • New Where business began! Foundational Dutch roots through to the English takeover. New Amsterdam was strictly a business enterprise established by the Dutch worldwide conglomerate, Dutch West India Company
  • How much New York’s landscape dramatically changed through the years? View the architectural metamorphosis through the centuries with images from the past to the streets of New York
  • The immigrant contribution to the cultural and architectural changes of historic New York City (examples of the key landmarks of every aspect of NY’s life for 4 centuries created/implemented by the immigrants all the way to the Google founder and other superstars of today.
  • Parents, teaching your kids US history just became much more explicit and exciting! Let your children time travel their way through 400 years of New York’s history
  • Teachers, students will be so absorbed in what they see, they’ll never know they are actually learning! Take them on a historical trip to New York without ever leaving the classroom!
  • Can you imagine that half of the Lower Manhattan, including Battery Park was never a part of Manhattan Island and rests on the landfills piled up all the way from the late 1600s?
  • See how Lower Manhattan expanded through the centuries, remaining the center of population for the burgeoning city until the mid-1800s.
  • Immigration through the years- New York, the major gateway to America’s ancestry. TV: Inspired by the realistic pages of the book, take a trip to Ellis Island and relive the journey your ancestors faced through a real life
  • Swim in the melting pot! Gain insights into the cultural diversity of New York and embrace our differences
  • The New York State of Mind- The World’s unprecedented example of co-existence, tolerance and cooperation can be found throughout the 400 years of New York’s great history
  • Take a bite out of the Big Apple – New York’s diverse restaurants, then and now; food trends throughout the years, oldest restaurants in New York, ethnic culinary diversity revealed

Availability: New York, or nationwide by arrangement.

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SKYPE: sasha.vosk



The First Volume”New York as New Amsterdam in the 1600s” is coming up.


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