Dear Tourism Professional:
As someone whose business is creating lasting impressions of New York City for tourists from around the world, you constantly look for new ways to make your offerings stand out.

tourThe upcoming book “400 Years of New York History: 
A Pictorial Guide” can be an easy, affordable way to satisfy your clients’ curiosity about New York City’s past and complement your own marketing efforts. As you know, international tourists are accustomed to seeing sites that are hundreds or even thousands of years old in Europe and elsewhere. When they come to New York, they are surprised to find that so many new buildings demanded by the city’s progress have replaced wonderful sites from the past.
With its unique photorealistic illustrations, 400 Years of New York History helps tourists travel to New York City’s past and connect to her incredible history.

Here’s what Andrew Luan, owner of a portfolio of New York travel brands, including the top-rated New York Tour 1 has to say: “Sasha’s concept provides a much-needed realistic view into our great city’s past. Through the proposed photo-like images, the book will transport readers back in time. It’s a significant step up from what’s available now, and we hope to see the project come to fruition soon.”

Janice Becker, managing director of Reis Tour & Travel-RTT Services, says: “The focus of the book includes a more remote ancient history not generally accessible, and yet it feels easily readable with a pictorial format [so not a dry history book]. And the inclusion of ancient European ties sparks in the reader a connection for the present-day European tourist to our city’s ancient history (and consequently of them to us) in a contemporary fashion which feels very unique. Vosk Time Travel Guide. 400 Years of New York History: A Pictorial Guide  could be of great interest to tourists visiting New York City.”

There are several ways in which Vosk’s book can be an asset to your company. Books can be customized with your company logo or slogan and used as giveaways, or included as part of your New York City tour package. Or books can be purchased in bulk for resale. Either way, 400 Years of New York History is a unique opportunity for keeping your tour company’s name in the mind of your customers, reminding them of the terrific time they had in the city.

Sasha Vosk is open to other joint ventures as well. Contact him about book sales and customization possibilities.
Perfect for Museums, Hotels, Gift Shops, and multiple other Tourists’ sites.
400 Years of New York History will also make a terrific addition to the services provided by hotels, restaurants, gift shops, tourist attractions and museums. The book could be offered as an impulse buy near the check out or customized with your business name and presented to special customers.