Get to Know the Historical New York that You’ve Never Before Seen. A Time Traveler’s Journey Through the Streets of Manhattan.

Have you ever wondered what New York City might have looked like through the centuries with its many physical and historical changes? Would you love to go back in time and walk those streets through hundreds of years of transformation and memorable historical events?

Time travel is possible, and author and photo realistic imagery expert, Sasha Vosk proves it. His new book, the first one in a series: TIME TRAVEL GUIDE uses comprehensive research and unique imagery visualization to bring the past 400 years of New York City’s history to life. Sasha Vosk has 30 years of experience in photo-realistic imagery, and creatively brings New York to life through four centuries of transformation. Vosk was educated as an architect, studied fine arts and also apprenticed as a muralist in Moscow, Russia before immigrating to the United States, and living in his dream city: New York.

Vosk is now traveling the country, sharing his unique visualization and factual representation of New York’s fascinating history through the pages of his soon to be released book: 400 YEARS OF NEW YORK HISTORY: A PICTORIAL GUIDE. The 1st volume of the book is called NEW YORK as NEW AMSTERDAM—1600s. Vosk is a sough-after speaker, seminar teacher and educator.

Vosk is available to speak to: Teacher/education-related conferences, and social study or history groups, elementary through high school, college/university; tourism/travel agencies’ associations, historical societies, history and library groups, civic groups, etc.

Speaking Topics for keynotes and seminars include:

Get better aquatinted with New York’s Past – a unique combination of historical facts and transformational physical changes of One of Our Favorite Cities through the years

Vosk’ Historical Research and Visualization, the Process and the Purpose– Why and How I Created this Work

Why I Reconstructed the Past Views of Manhattan and reflected the glimpses into its 400 years life for the students and visitors of New York – Vosk’ Historical Research and Visualization serving the needs of these two primary groups for whom New York’s history is essential

Email: author@vosktimetravelguide.com


The First Volume
“New York as New Amsterdam in the 1600s”
is coming up.


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